Sparklines can be used in cards to visualize the variation of actual (or target) values over time.

To display a sparkline within a Card, provide a date-time dimension whose data will be used to visualize values over time.

Note that if you have provided both actual and target values, a sparkline visualizes the actual value's variation over time.

To control sparkline appearance settings, open the Sparkline Options section of the data item menu.

  • Sparkline Visible - Specifies whether or not to show a sparkline within a Card.

  • View Type - Defines the view type of a sparkline. Sparkline data points can be represented as area, line, bars, win and loss squares.

  • Highlight Min/Max Points - Specifies whether or not to highlight the minimum/maximum points of a sparkline.

  • Highlight Start/End Points - Specifies whether or not to highlight the start/end points of a sparkline.