The Grid dashboard item enables you to add a summary value (a total)

Totals Overview

You can use the following summary functions when creating totals.

Count The number of records.
Sum The sum of the values.

Min The smallest value.
Max The largest value.
Average The average of the values.

Auto The total is calculated using the type of summary function specified for the measure corresponding to the current Grid column. Note that in this case, the total is calculated based on values of the corresponding data field from the underlying data source.

The Auto type is not supported when the Grid is bound to the OLAP data source.

You can create totals using different sets of summary functions. This depends on the type of the data source field providing data for the target column.


Note that the Auto type is available only for the measure column.

Create and Edit Totals

To create a total, open a data item menu and go to the Totals section. Click "+" to add a new total.

To change the total type, open the drop down list and select the required type.

You can delete the required total by clicking the Delete button (the icon).