Data Presentation Basics

The Dashboard Viewer is used to present dashboards on the web. A wide range of dashboard items are used to display visual or textual information.

Dashboard Item



Chart Displays data graphically using bars, lines, points, etc.
Scatter Chart Visualizes relationships between numeric variables.
Grid Presents data in tabular form.
Pies Displays a series of pies or donuts that represent the contribution of each value to the total.
Cards Displays a series of cards, each illustrating the difference between two values.
Gauges Visualizes data within a series of gauges.
Pivot Displays cross-tabular reports and allows you to analyze multi-dimensional data.
Choropleth Map Colorizes areas in proportion to the provided values.
Geo Point Map Displays callouts on the map using geographical coordinates.
Bubble Map Displays bubbles on the map using geographical coordinates.
Pie Map Places pies on the map using geographical coordinates.
Range Filter Allows you to apply filtering by dragging selection thumbs along the argument axis.
Images Displays images.
Text Box Displays rich text within a dashboard.
Treemap Visualizes data in nested rectangles.
Combo Box Allows you to select a value(s) from the drop-down list.
List Box Allows you to select a value(s) from the list.
Tree View Displays values in a hierarchical way and allows you to filter other dashboard items by selecting parent/child values.

The Dashboard Viewer enables interaction between various dashboard items. These features include Master Filtering and Drill-Down.

To learn more about the dashboard layout, see the Dashboard Layout topic.