Providing Maps

This topic describes how to use the default Dashboard maps and configure their attributes.

Default Maps

The Dashboard ships with a set of default maps showing various parts of the world. The following maps are included.

  • World Countries - a world map.
  • Europe - a map of Europe.
  • Asia - a map of Asia.
  • North America - a map of North America.
  • South America - a map of South America.
  • Africa - a map of Africa.
  • USA - a map of the USA.
  • Canada - a map of Canada.

To select the required default map in the Web Dashboard, go to the Common section of the Choropleth Map's Options menu and use the Default Map drop-down list.

Map Attributes

After you select the default map or a custom map, you can display supplemental information (such as the name of the country, state, etc.). To do this, go to the Options menu and open the Attribute Name drop-down list.

This list displays available attributes for the current map. Each set of attribute values is related to a specific map shape.

To learn how to bind the map attribute to a data source field, see the Providing Data topic.